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Green-on-Green your outdoor space

Marija Main - Thursday, July 07, 2016

Most people shy away from adding green-coloured garden accents to their outdoor space and opt for contrasting brights like hot pink, orange, yellow or blue. Most fear that sticking to a monotone palette of greens will blend too much into the lush green backdrop of a garden. In fact, decorating with green will actually accentuate the flowers or subtle colours in your garden – even if your garden is primarily all green.

Green, has made a huge comeback in both the fashion industry and throughout home decor. A green palette includes a wide spectrum of tones inducing fresh lime green, classic kelly green, muted mossy greens, rich forest green, grayish army tones and cool aqua-hinted greens. We want to explore some enticing green accents for your outdoor space that will make you green with envy! Share some of your outdoor green decor inspirations or faves.








Nicole Fellows commented on 31-Jul-2016 11:02 PM
Hi Marija,

I found this blog post very intriguing and really showed me some perspective on what colours to use to accentuate an outdoor space. Personally, I am not too familiar with this area but I do see what you mean on how greens truly bring out the beauty in your backyard. Your visuals truly helped me understand your reasoning because they highlight the garden in a way that is very eye-catching.
Urban Secret Gardens commented on 03-Aug-2016 11:59 AM

Thanks for the comment :) Green is so fresh and also happens to be fashionable in 2016!
Michelle Budish commented on 08-Aug-2016 11:47 AM
I love this blog! Firstly, your blog is so clear and consistent and sticks to a great theme. It is very thorough and interesting. I specifically liked the post Green on Green. I find your comments very true, and I could totally relate! I tend to resist using green as an accent in my garden space, but you are totally right in that it looks fantastic. Thanks for posting prices and ideas from Ikea.
Urban Secret Gardens commented on 08-Aug-2016 03:10 PM
Thanks for your comment and glad you can see the potential of "green".

I always gravitate towards green things and my kids tease me for having a green garden, a green wardrobe and a green house :)

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