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"Unspoken" Allotment Rules Everyone Needs to Know!

Marija Main - Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Allotment gardening is a social pastime where like-minded gardeners share common interests within a common area. Follow these 8 "unspoken" Allotment Etiquette Rules and ensure that you do your part to respect your fellow gardeners, their gardening space, share experiences and focus on building long-lasting friendships. Being aware of the unwritten etiquette rules is your first step towards fully enjoying the allotment experience.

8 "Unspoken" Allotment Etiquette Rules - Everyone Needs to Know!

  1. 1. No Invasive Plants - Easiest way to make enemies is to plant an invasive plant that everyone will spend years trying to control. 
  3. 2. Active Pets on a Leash - Allotment Gardeners tend to also be animal lovers, however no one appreciates how easily a pet can trample a special seedling or well-loved plant.
  5. 3. Share Your Knowledge - The core of community gardening is based around learning the ropes as a team. Share your successes and your failures as your fellow gardeners will appreciate the useful tips or forewarnings.
  7. 4. Mind Your Shadow - Be considerate of your direct neighbour's source of sunlight and keep your massive or intrusive plants compact and trimmed.
  9. 5. Water a Thirsty Plot - When watering your plot, have a peek over to your neighbouring plots and see if they are parched. You may also find you're too busy to water your own garden and someone may do the same for your plants.
  11. 6. Don't Lurk - Urban gardeners are busy people, many with full-time careers, families and other interests. Be friendly, but don't be the chatter box who keeps a gardener from their limited time at their plot.
  13. 7. Share Your Harvest - Every plot seems to have at least one thriving plant, spread the joy and share your abundant harvest with your fellow gardeners.
  15. 8. Allotment "Neighbourhood Watch" - Allotment gardening is akin to living in a neighbourhood where people look out for one another and keep an eye out for any suspicious activity. 

Let us know if your allotment community follows a different set of rules...


Michelle Budish commented on 10-Aug-2016 10:19 PM
Great blog! I really liked all of your posts, they were all very visually appealing and easy to read. I thought it was great how you included an infographic. It was a great visual way to display content in a unique way. Overall, I thought you blog's tone was very personable and engaging. It would be really interesting if you did a post on where to buy the plants/flowers showcased along with recommendations on which tools to use.
Urban Secret Gardens commented on 10-Aug-2016 11:22 PM
Thanks for your comment, Michelle!
I think tips on where to buy plants and what tools to recommend would make for great future blog posts. The cool thing about allotment gardening is that we share seeds, split plants and trade plants so sometimes there is no purchase required. The economic benefit of being part of a gardening community :)

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