Claudia, family & Findus the dog
Location: The Beach, Toronto
Lived in: 6 years

A young family enjoys their recently completed backyard renovation. The ideal outdoor space for parents, kids and their dog Findus. The front yard perfectly suits their historic house with its lush ivy-covered planting. Potted plants are integrated in clusters throughout the outdoor spaces. Perfect seating areas, vistas and a cool relaxing shade atmosphere makes for a perfect everyday family retreat.


Claudia explained that they chose artificial grass for the backyard to better suit their children's active lifestyle. The backyard is a gymnastic space, hockey rink, soccer court and dog park on any given day.


The morning of the photo shoot happened to fall after a family birthday party with homemade flag banners and toys still in place. This home perfectly appears both casual and refined and is sure to appeal to every taste.

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