Marija, Stephen, Jackie and Fiona
Location: The Beach, Toronto
Leased allotment plot: 4 years

Toronto offers over 2000 allotment garden plots across the GTA distributed over approximately 20 locations. The Leslie St. Allotment Gardens are home to 200 plots. I was lucky to get a plot the first year that I placed my name on a "lotteried" waiting list and have been engrossed in planting projects ever since. This is the first time that I have the privilege to garden in full-sun conditions so i stick to growing flowers, fruits and vegetables that I cannot grow in my full-shade garden at home.


I grow 50% flowers and 50% edibles including roses, clematis, dahlias, sunflowers, herbs, lettuce, tomato, beans, peppers, berries and even a peach tree! My greatest satisfaction comes from getting to know and garden amongst the community of hard-core organic gardeners at the Leslie Allotments. I end every gardening session with a walk around the plots to see how my neighbour's plants are progressing.

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